First 2 weeks of school

During the first 2 weeks of school we will be working on learning our school and classroom rules and routines.  Most of our KB children are new to the school so it will take a bit longer that usual to get used to being in full day Kindergarten.


  • Please make sure that your child eats a filling and healthy breakfast before coming to school. We do not have snack until 10 am.


  • make sure that you either pack a separate bag (in the lunch bag) for snack or let your child know which food is for snack.  Sometimes they are so hungry by snack time that they eat ALL their food in their lunch bag before lunch!


  • Please pack a healthy, nut-free lunch for your child.  We DO NOT allow children to share food (due to allergies). We are a nut-free classroom.

* Make sure that your child packs a water bottle everyday. 


  • If your child will go to extension (after care), please make sure that they pack a snack. They do not provide meals at extension.